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Contract Information

As a dedicated and passionate photographer, I’m constantly looking for new moments to capture on camera. Since beginning my professional journey, I’ve worked on many different types of projects that have expanded my experience and added to my portfolio. As such, shoot appointments are in high demand and therefore it is important for me to communicate my expectations clearly to avoid disappointment.


Confirming your session booking

1.1-In order to confirm your booking, a $100 non-refundable retainer fee is required. 

​1.2-This retainer is then deducted from the total owing on the clients photo shoot. 

​1.3-The remainder is due at least 3 full days prior to the session.

Cancellations/Rescheduling/Change Location

​2.1-The client can cancel the session at any time however this will result in forfeiture of retainer.

2.2-The client may reschedule the appointment once only, by giving more than 72 hours’ notice.

​2.3-If the weather conditions are unfavorable, alternative arrangements or session dates will be organized at a time convenient to both parties.

2.4-Additional fees may be incurred, or the session may be cancelled if you want to relocate your shoot outside of the standard service area. In the event of cancelation, retainer will be forfeit by the customer. 


3.1-Please be on time for your appointment! Failure to arrive at the scheduled time may result in a shorter session, less final images or cancelation of your session if you are more than 15 minutes late and will result in full forfeiture of payment. 

Workflow, Artistic Release and Turnaround Times

4.1-You acknowledge that you have viewed the portfolio of previous work and agree that the images you receive will be of reasonable, similar appearance. 

​4.2-The client acknowledges that Leigh Reynolds Photography will make artistic judgement and final adjustments to images. Requests for adjustments outside the usual scope of Leigh Reynolds Photography's editing style may incur additional fees.

4.3-You acknowledge that selection of images is to be completed either via Zoom chat or in-studio at Thornton and will be scheduled within 14 days of your shoot. After this time, if no effort is made to select your images, Leigh Reynolds Photography will select the final images on your behalf.

4.4-All final images chosen by the client will be edited and delivered in JPEG format via downloadable link within 4 weeks of your shoot date. If your package includes prints or a canvas’s, these will be available for collection within 2 months of your initial shoot.

​4.5-The client acknowledges that Leigh Reynolds Photography owns the images and copyright to all photographic works and the images may not be altered, sold or reproduced for monetary or commercial purposes.

4.6-Leigh Reynolds Photography will hold finished images for 14 days. Please ensure you download and backup your images inside this time-frame. After this timeframe, your images will be irretrievable, and Leigh Reynolds Photography will not be responsible for any monetary or image loss. 

Expectations of Attendees

5.1-You agree that none of the participants/attendees of the photo shoot will disrespect Leigh or her property. Leigh reserves the right to cancel the session without refund if she is verbally, sexually or physically abused/threatened, or if her property is damaged/destroyed. 

​5.2- You agree that none of the participants/attendees will use personal photographic equipment to photograph the session independently. This means that no attendees will use phones, DSLR's, mirrorless or point and shoot equipment to take photographs or videos during the session (with the exception or events, weddings or parties). 

​​5.3-You agree that none of the participants/attendees of the shoot will bring/wear any regalia affiliating them with any gangs.

5.4-You understand that the studio is a workspace and not suitable for children to be playing in. Consider bringing a second car to take the children home after they have finished their part of the photo shoot.

5.5-Failure to adhere to any of the above conditions will result in immediate termination of the session without refund.

5.6-Additional persons, who are not participants in the photographs, will not be permitted entrance to the studio to observe the session. Please only bring participants as space is limited. Two adults are welcome to attend any shoot involving children (as we know, on occasion, it can be hard to wrangle children independently)


Children and Newborns

6.1-While children are being photographed in the studio, the client agrees to ensure children show respectful behavior and do not 

  • climb on furniture

  • pull on the backdrop

  • slap or hit the backdrop

  • lean on the backdrop

  • pull at the blinds

  • climb on props

  • pull or climb on tripods

  • pull or hit the umbrellas

6.2-If any equipment is damaged during the session, the client or signatory on this contract will be held accountable for the financial loss and full reimbursement will be required prior to completion of session and/or delivery of images.

​6.3-The client acknowledges that if their baby or child/ren cries/fusses/is unhappy/will not participate during the session and zero or less images are available at the conclusion of the session than were paid for or expected, the client accepts that this is in no way Leigh's fault and accepts that there will be no refunds under these circumstances.



7.1-The client acknowledges that each child in the photographs have been given permission to participate and be photographed from their legal guardian (with the exception of photographing candid imagery in public spaces where permission is not required). 



Please read the above then fill out the session information and acknowledgement of contract terms and conditions below.

Payment can be made to the following bank account number within 24 hours of booking to secure your shoot.


Bank Number: 123118011836600

Name On Account: L Bryers

PDF Contract available for Download

Session Details

Thanks for submitting!

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