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Remember to fill your cup! Relax, re-set and rejuvenate.

I'm so excited to be here FINALLY! I have been meaning to get on the blogging train for quite some time now, however, I always seem to have other things to do.

Can anyone relate? It's the story of a mother’s life really, yet we do need to make time to enjoy things and fill our cups.


I’ve been consciously doing activities lately just for me. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. It gives me time to breathe, rest and reset, particularly if it’s been a rough day.

So what fills your cup? What do you do to relax?


I like to read. A few of my favourite authors are Nora Roberts, Anna Campbell and Jude Deveraux, but honestly anything with historic or romantic undertones will go in my pile of books to read.

I bake. I sew. I watch Netflix. I have a veggie garden. I enjoy a warm cup of tea in the sun.

I like to make jewellery and I used to run a little online store but now, mostly, I give it away. A girl can only wear so much!

Anyway. Yesterday I sat down in a spare 10 minutes I had between washing, dishes and children, and made myself and a bestie matching bracelets! As I began beading, it threw me back to an early memory I have with her of making brooches for each other when we would have been no older than 12.


That was a while ago now!

A hand full of beads
Beading is a simple activity that can help de-stress and give you time to just be


This woman has been like a sister to me for the last 20 years. We’ve been through a lot together and she’s my go-to for tagging in retirement home memes. And she'll probably hate this photo HAHAHAH. It sits on my desk and watches me while I edit and cull all the photographs. It's been with me for almost as long as she has, and I think this photo is truly a part of me now. It's as much about the photo, memories and the people as it is about what it symbolises.

two girls hugging
Best friends


I digress.

The beading, though it was only a short few minutes to myself, completely relaxed and refreshed me. I guess what I’m trying to say is, even though we are busy, at work, at home, with chores and children, it really is a very high priority to put yourself first even just for a few minutes a day and do something for you.


And a quick note on the beads in case they catch your eye.

The little flowers are a glass, and the hearts are dyed shell beads. Both were purchased from Ali Express, which, YES, is Chinese and I know we should support local….but what do you do when you can’t find what you want locally?

beads spread on a plastic container lid
Beading for relaxation

I have scoured Whakatane but cannot find a supplier. Do you have any suggestions? We don’t often go to Tauranga as we have young children and it’s a bit of a juggling act, but if you have any suggestions, I’m certainly open to hearing them!

So what do you do to unwind? To fill your cup? Top reset yourself?

Here are 10 quick ideas that you can do daily which might help to reduce stress levels and give you a quick recharge.

Take a few deep breaths and stretch your body

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and savour it

Write down three things you’re grateful for

Listen to your favourite song and dance it out

Use aromatherapy to uplift your mood with essential oils

Do a quick body scan and check in with yourself

Take a few moments to meditate

Organize your workspace or living space

Put your phone on silent mode and disconnect for a few minutes

Apply a face mask or eye mask for a quick pick-me-up

If you like the beads and need to get yourself some, here's the link to them :)

Gentle reminder to check in with yourself and take time for enjoyment!

We are all worth it!

And remember to fill your cup!


Glass flower beads

Shell heart beads




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