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Budget Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: May 2

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

As I write this, I think it’s exactly 20 days away. I have been SUPER BUSY booking and scheduling my Mother’s Day Mini Sessions which are BLOWING UP THIS YEAR!

It’s a tough one though isn’t it, with the current costs of living, rent, mortgage, groceries, fuel and alllll the bills that keep on rolling in.


Want to celebrate your mum but do it on a small budget? Sit back and take a look through a few of my ideas. I’ve got you covered with gift ideas under $20 AND even a DIY gift idea.


Idea 1: Photo Frame

Cost: $5-$20


As a photographer I am obviously very excited about all thing photos! I love capturing a moment that is otherwise gone forever. It gives me a sense of comfort to know that images will last well beyond my lifetime. And on that note, my first gift idea is a DIY photo frame for your mama! It doesn't even have to include a photo. Just create and package it up nicely and your mum will love it simply because you made it!

I love this idea because it also recycles old products and stops them winding up in landfill. You can use an old photo frame you have laying around OR you can pick up a cheap one from an op shop for around $5. Choose a flat frame if you can as it's much easier to stick your design on.

Once you have your frame, all you need are decorations and over the years I’ve used a huge variety of materials. My favourite and probably cheapest was to re-purpose twigs! I literally just went out into my yard, picked up a variety of small twigs, cut them to size ang glued them onto the frame. You could also use

·       Dried leaves

·       Seed-pods

·       Shells

·       Sand

·       Dried flowers

·       Scrap fabric

Crafted photo frame with sticks DIY
DIY Photo Frame

This is an example of one i made years ago! It's obviously a little worse-for-wear now but still looks super cute!

Or you could pop down to your local Discount Store and pick up any craft supplies. Honestly, anything handmade with love YOUR MOTHER WILL LOVE FOREVER. It’s the sentiment behind a gift that really matters to most mothers. When my little boys made me a wonky little pencil holder for my birthday last year, I just about cried because the thought of them putting in all that effort to present me with their creation just makes my heart melt.


Idea 2: Customised Mug

Cost: $14.76

Use your favourite photo and get a personalised mug!

Just about every mum likes coffee right!? And if not, she probably definitely drinks tea! Pair that with a beautiful photo of her children or a special moment and you have a winner.

I found these photo mugs at a super great price online which start at just $7.07. I did a quick test-run and postage came to $7.69 and I have a rural address! Not too bad! I am unsure on the shipping time though so perhaps if this is something you’re interested in, grab one very soon. You could even jazz it up a little more if you throw a few sweets or another special treat inside the mug!

So overall, this little customized gift will cost you $14.76.

I’ll pop the link here in case you’d like to grab yourself one.


Idea 3: A picnic!

Cost: $20

Take mum out for the day and celebrate your family with a quick little trip to the beach, park or other special area! If you can’t leave the house, maybe you could go out in your backyard and enjoy the sun. Pop down to the supermarket and put together a little picnic with a few crackers, maybe some cheese or fruit and you’re well on your way!

If you're stuck on where to go, here's a few ideas:

·       Thornton Beach! Just head to the end of Thornton Beach Road and you’re there! It’s my favourite and it’s usually so quiet! Ok, maybe not on Mother’s Day, but it’s worth a shot! There is also a toilet block there is you need it handy for children or yourself AND a little play park a few hundred meters from the beach for the kids if they get bored. Coastlands beach is also lovely but doesn’t have toilet facilities I don’t think so may not be suitable for young children.

·       Kohi Point Lookout is a new favourite of mine. Google says the address is 142-28 Kohi Point Lookout Road. The view is STUNNING. I was re-introduced to it last year when on a maternity shoot and fell back in love with it. It can be quite windy though so that’s something to consider and also, I don’t think there are toilet facilities.

Check out the view!

Pregnant lady having a maternity session on the top of Kohi Point Lookout
Kohi Point Lookout

·       Te Waiu o Pukemaire / Braemar Springs located at 489 Braemar Road is a swimming hole filled with natural spring water! Though I haven’t been here yet, you might just find me out there on Mother’s Day enjoying the sun and family time. It looks amazing with healthy green grass and a lot of space for children to play.



If you have any other great Mother’s Day ideas let me know! I’d love to do another Budget Mother's Day Gift Ideas post!

What will you be doing this Mother’s Day?





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