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Affordable Photo Shoot Outfits for Kids

I absolutely LOVE my job! Each session is so unique and I love capturing those special moments between people. You know, the ones that aren’t necessarily set up, but are more of a candid and casual nature. It’s in those moments we can see the true nature of relationships and people love for each other.

Mother and son in studio photography session at Whakatane
Mother and Son studio photo session

My job isn’t limited to just capturing those moments though. What else do I do? A LOT!

From start to finish, a session actually takes a long time to plan, organise, photograph, edit and deliver. Part of this process is for myself and the client to liase on outfits! Most people really, really, REALLY dislike this part of the shoot but for me it is so important for the final look of your images. Generally, I recommend going with plain colours. This way you can either add a bit of a pop with some accessories or leave the colours simple and put the focus of the images on YOU, the most important part of the photography. No matter which way you decide to go, I am here to guide you through the process and offer assistance whenever you need it.

I am often asked about places to shop for affordable outfits, so I am making a series of videos to help you out! Check out this first one which covers affordable photo shoot outfits for kids! Both of the outfits above cost me a total of $17! You can’t beat that!

Keep an eye on your inbox (if you're on the VIP mailing list. If not you can join at any time), the blog and the socials for more upcoming tips and as always, feel free to reach out to me at any time for session info or assistance of any kind!

Happy Friday! Have a fabulous weekend!


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