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The Client Closet

Do you have something for
me to wear?

Take a look below at what's currently available in the client closet. You are welcome to select and wear any outfit for your shoot. 

It is recommended that with each dress you choose skin-coloured undergarments. These will blend in better if the dress is slightly transparent. 

Also consider bringing something to wear in the event that you don't like any of my garments. 

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Infinity dresses are a versatile dress, which combines a floating skirt and two long straps. With these straps, you can conveniently create infinite looks for any body type and different occasion. 

All our infinity dresses are maternity friendly. The adjustable straps can be worn above the baby bump for an elegant empire waist and the construction of the skirt and flexible sizing allows for your baby bump to grow. 

We have a selection of 5 multi-wear infinity dresses suitable for sizes 8-16 in blue, grey, silver, champagne or purple. 

We also have 2 multi-wear infinity dresses in size 18-26 in a gold or pink colour. 

The white dress is a girls dress and suitable for ages around 10+ years and could be worn by smaller sized women also.

Infinity multi-wear dresses are amazing! They can be tied in over 90 different ways making each wearer truly unique and are also

suitable for maternity sessions.


Choose your own style! Be unique and truly stunning our range of Infinity dresses. 

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Our Dresses

Royal Blue size 8-16

Grey size 8-16

Silver size 8-16

Champagne with Lace size 8-16

Purple size 8-16

White girls size 10 years plus

Pink size 18-26

Gold size 18-26

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