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My name is Leigh and I am the owner-operator of Leigh Reynolds Photography.

I am a passionate photographer, always looking to take it to the next level.

Photography has been of keen interest to me since I was 12 years old way back when you had to buy film for your camera and it took weeks for your photos to be developed! After daring to take the plunge and lay it all on the line, I am proud to say I now work as a photographer in my own business!

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My Story

As a child and into my very early twenties I grew up in small-town Queensland, Australia. It was a place filled with warm memories, scorching summers, best friends and laughter.


While most of my family still reside there, I took the plunge along with my husband in 2014 to move from Queensland to Western Australia, and from there onto Victoria where we spent a few years building our careers.

When the time came to close the book on that chapter of life, we returned home to Queensland before heading off on our trip around Australia. Just 6 months later, in 2020, we welcomed our first child and prepared for our final move to Whakatane, NZ. The move was a return home for my husband and the beginning of a new life for myself. 

With the move came the opportunity to jump into photography, and since 2023 I have been running my business as a full-time venture. 

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